Sustainability index and reports

Sustainability index and reports
Dominion Global

We report on our sustainability activities in various ways: The Non-Financial Information Statement, our dedicated website “DOMINION’s Evolution in 2020" and our sustainability approvals and ratings.


Non-financial Information Statement

DOMINION is committed to permanently improving the quality of our non-financial information which we disclose in this report, adapted to
the legal requirements, specifically European Union Directive 2014/95/EU and its implementation in Spain via Act 11/2018, which calls for publication, and verification by third parties.

The NFIS which Dominion published every year cover all the matters indicated in the standard and have been verified by PWC, with no reservations, and they comply with the standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as an international reference.

 Subject  GRI
Businness model GRI [102-1; 102-2; 102-3; 102-4; 102-6; 102-7; 102-14]
Policies GRI [103]
Results of the policies GRI [103]
Risks in the Short, Medium and Long Term GRI [102-15]
Key indicators GRI [102-54]
Environmental Aspects  
General approach to the environment GRI [103]
Pollution GRI [103; 102-11; 305-1; 305-2; 305-3]
Circular economy and the prevention and management of waste GRI [103]
Sustainable use of resources GRI [103; 301-1; 303-5]
Climate change GRI [103; 302-1]
Protection of biodiversity GRI [103; 304-2]
Social Issues and Human Resources  
Employment GRI [102-8; 103; 401-1; 405-1; 405-2]
Work organisation GRI [103; 403-2]
Health and safety GRI [103; 403-2; 403-3]
Social relationships GRI [102-41; 103; 403-4]
Training GRI [103; 404-1]
Universal accessibility for disabled people GRI [103]
Equality GRI [103]
Human rights GRI [102-16; 102-17; 103; 406-1; 407-1; 408-1; 409-1; 412-2]
Corruption and bribery GRI [102-16; 102-17; 103; 205-2; 413-1]
Social responsibility  
The company's commitment to sustainable development GRI [102-12; 102-13; 102-43; 103; 203-1; 203-2; 413-1; 413-2]
Subcontractors and Suppliers GRI [102-9; 103; 308-1; 414-1]
Consumers GRI [103]
Tax matters GRI [103; 201-4]


Sustainability approvals and ratings


Based on the trends DOMINION identified in its strategy plan, the various interest groups are placing increasing importance on sustainability. This translates into an obvious increase in sustainability approvals and rankings with an extremely wide range of objectives and scopes, some for personal use by applicants and others for wider use.

Based on its possibilities and the correlation of these with its activities, DOMINION strives to provide responses to these, using the aforementioned information. Its activity particularly focuses on two groups of interest:

  • Investors: Guided by the 6 PRI principles (Principles for Responsible Investment), endorsed by the United Nations, responsible investment is now a reality when it comes to continuous growth and this translates into a clear demand for quality information relating to the sustainability we provide.
  • Clients: in line with the good practice of extending ESG requirements to the supply chain, companies increasingly ask for their suppliers to prove their commitment to this regard, either through their own approvals or through others that outsource this approval.