DOMINION has been awarded for its excellence in Prevention, coinciding with the celebration of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work.

31 / 10 / 2017

DOMINION continues to be recognized by its customers. After receiving an award from Dow Chemical in October, Abengoa rewards us at its 1st Health and Safety Conference.

DOMINION's client held its 1st Health and Safety Conference on October 25th. The goal of this day was none other than to promote preventive awareness in this area.

"The company's commitment to the safety and health of all those who are part of or collaborate with it is maximum.”

Gonzalo Urquijo

Gonzalo Urquijo

| Abengoa's Chairman

Abengoa has sought to recognize the work and effort of both employees and suppliers for the good practices demonstrated in occupational safety during their professional performance.

DOMINION is in charge of maintaining the insulation of Abengoa's solar platforms. During the award ceremony, in addition to highlighting Safety and Prevention aspects, a mention was made of DOMINION's "contribution to making these processes more efficient".

DOMINION is proud that a customer rewards an aspect that is a priority in their strategy. This recognition demonstrates the high standards with which DOMINION works, which allow the company to establish relationships with its customers as a first level supplier.