Fernando Urrutia named new Director of DOMINION Commercial

13 / 02 / 2018

Since January 1st, the DOMINION Commercial division has a new director, Fernando Urrutia, who has been the president of Phone House España for 18 years. “I feel fortunate and proud to work at DOMINION, a large global company with a great team and a great future outlook," said the new division executive.

DOMINION Commercial is dedicated to the distribution of products and services searching for the maximum efficiency of the commercial processes through technology and value chain knowledge. It consists of logistic services, wholesale and sales channel management.

As for DOMINION Commercial's competitive advantages, Fernando highlights two: “On one hand, the team of professionals that we have, and on the other hand, the ability to provide a 360 service, in which we can take care of logistics, wholesale and distribution, thanks to a large chain of stores distributed throughout the national territory in which to offer technical assistance and sell services. This is our differential value, we are unique in the market " says Urrutia. “To our experience and knowledge of commercial dynamics, we have to add the differentiating factor of DOMINION’s “way of doing”, which involves processes, digitalization and efficiency," he concludes.

Prior to his appointment as president of Phone House Spain, he held the leadership of Olivetti Computers in his role as general manager. He was previously the director of the Consumer Products and Information Technology division at Texas Instruments, where he spent several years developing his career.

DOMINION, founded in 1999, has grown to become a global provider of multitechnical services and specialized engineering solutions, helping its customers to make their production processes more efficient, either through the complete outsourcing of them ("Services") or through the application of solutions based on specialized technologies and platforms ("Solutions").

Phone House offers since 1997 the broadest offer in the mobile phone sector, devices and operator contracts. It is committed to an omni-channel strategy and has over five hundred stores managed by more than 2,000 people, whose technology experts advise the customer to offer the most appropriate device, tariff and operator for their needs. The chain receives more than 35 million visits per year in physical stores and 30 million in the web The company, which is already a leader in the telecommunications market, now also wants to lead the field of home and personal services.