Phone House launches its new Marketplace and makes progress in the digitalization strategy of DOMINION

20 / 11 / 2018

Phone House, a leading company in the provision of telecommunications services belonging to DOMINION, has taken a step further in the group's commitment to digitalization and Smart Innovation with the launch of its new Marketplace, with which it also extends its offer of products and services to the client.

With this new challenge, the chain is consolidated as a reference for the customer in the telecommunications sector and is able to expand its catalogue of products and services, explore new lines of business and open up to new markets.

This initiative, in addition, supposes a new step in the bet of DOMINION to contribute with value and simplify the needs of the final consumer. It’s the same objective pursued by Smart House, an integrator of all value-added services for the home. It is an advanced web environment that allows you to view, manage and contract the main supplies and expenses that occur in the home: from mobile lines, fiber and ADSL to electricity and gas supplies, insurance of any branch and domestic services.


SmartHouse is a service driven by DOMINION since the acquisition of Phone House last year that is geared towards saving and that allows families to unify their expenses, make a personalized follow-up of them and observe their evolution in a simple and safe way.

The launching of the Marketplace is part of this commitment to Smart Innovation because it will allow Phone House to work with other associated professionals under the same parameters of product and service quality, price, delivery flexibility and logistics operation that inspire the strategy of DOMINION

This new step will allow the company to have detailed information on what new products and categories are the most demanded by the users of the web, and transfer it directly to the Phone House stores. The distributor expects to close the year with around 34 million visits to its web portal, that is, 10% more than in 2017.

As explained by Miguel Arribas, Head of Ecommerce, the new Marketplace will allow Phone House to make available to customers "any telephony product that a customer is looking for, no matter how difficult is to find it". In fact, this new tool already includes in its catalogue a total of 470 categories of consumer electronics (computer, image and sound, photo, etc.) and all kinds of accessories, distributed in a new web design that is more functional and attractive.

The company expects its new Marketplace to be omnichannel in 2019 so that any user can use any of the 500 stores distributed throughout Spain both to pick up their orders and to make assisted purchases.