Advanced services for the installation and maintenance of hospital technology

10 / 02 / 2021

The performance of these systems has a direct impact on the medical care received by hospital patients; therefore, it was essential for us to continue ensuring maximum efficiency and availability.

After the successful commissioning of the Regional Hospital of Antofagasta in Chile in 2017, at DOMINION we have continued working on the project by providing administration, maintenance and replacement services of medical equipment, clinical and non-clinical furniture and technological systems installed in the hospital as part of our end-to-end proposal.

During the first months we incorporated more than 22,000 units of medical equipment, including Imaging systems (a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonator, a 68-slice CT and a 128-slice CT scan), as well as clinical and non-clinical furniture. Regarding the IT infrastructure, we installed approximately 2,000 units. Among them, more than 1,000 computers, 200 printers, server and datacenter platforms, computer security systems and clinical management applications for laboratories, blood banks and imaging. All this accompanied by a software system that allows us to manage and control the correct functioning of the services.

The performance of these systems has a direct impact on the medical care received by hospital patients; therefore, it was essential for us to continue ensuring maximum efficiency and the availability of the equipment at all times and in the best conditions. Even more so with the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic and the intensive workload of the hospital.

"Excellence" in the implementation and maintenance of medical equipment

A commitment shared by all with a high level of satisfaction from all the agents involved throughout the process. Until this third year of operation, the implementation of the technological infrastructure has led us to reach a service level of "Excellence" with evaluations higher than 97 out of 100. Something especially complicated after the usual first months of adjustments and optimization of the equipment tailored to the needs of the hospital and the learning curve of the users.

Likewise, thanks to the coordination and support of the different areas of DOMINION, the administration and maintenance service of the medical equipment has allowed us to maintain efficiency standards in activities and has led us to obtain the "Excellent" category with records higher than 94 out of 100.

Our keys: project scalability and digitization

These results respond to the work of the entire team and technical staff, to the digitization of processes to ensure maximum efficiency and to the design and integration of an infrastructure and technology that allow scalability and adaptation to current and future needs of the hospital.

"The meticulous parameterization of the server systems in the datacenter has allowed us to maintain operational continuity, without system outages and better dealing with any possible incident," says Sebastián Pasten, in charge of the Server Platform.

In the same way, transferring knowledge to professionals for the support and maintenance of the technological platform and implementing a process of continuous improvement has allowed us to reduce the resolution times for requests and incidents received.

As highlighted by the support engineer Mauricio Sierra, "the execution of the training plans for health workers in the use of medical equipment has made it possible to minimize possible inefficiencies". The daily and weekly control of equipment, among others, has also been a fundamental factor in the management and operation of the service, thus contributing to the reduction of waiting lists.

For Macarena Bermúdez, in charge of the microinformatics service, the experience of participating in the deployment, installation, configuration and commissioning of almost 2,000 IT units has helped her to optimally and efficiently carry out the operation of the new hospital. “Having deployed such a large number of equipment and having known all of the venues in the field has allowed us to provide a better assistance service in the field. Something fundamental in an infrastructure of 144,000 square meters and that has allowed us to meet the required response times ".