DOMINION is included in the SE Mid Spanish index of Standard Ethics

05 / 12 / 2022

The Index became effective from 24 November 2022. It will be reviewed yearly in March and September.

On November 14th, Standard Ethics published the SE Mid Spanish index made up of 20 mid-cap listed Spanish companies, including DOMINION, for their progress in terms of sustainability in the last year.

The objective of the SE Mid Spanish Index is twofold: on the one hand, it provides an overview of Sustainability in Spain in relation to mid-sized listed companies and, on the other, it monitors the steps that Spanish companies are taking regarding ESG transition. 

Standard Ethics analysts have noted that Spain’s acceleration towards Sustainability over the last few years has been ambitious and coherent with international guidelines, and that this is reflected in the current sustainable standards of many of the companies included in the new SE Mid Spanish Index.

The other companies on the list are Applus, Faes Farma, Grenergy Renovables, Aedas Homes, CAF, Edreams, Gestamp, Laboratorios Rovi, Logista, Metrovacesa, Neinor Homes, Pharma Mar, Sacyr, Solaria, Unicaja, Atresmedia, Prosegur, DIA and Miquel y Costas & Miquel. 

Our Sustainability Strategy

DOMINION places Sustainability as one of the key factors in defining the company as it is and, above all, the company that it would like to be in the future. This awareness is a result of an analysis of risks and strategic opportunities conducted by the company and specifically includes those risks linked to climate change.

The conclusions of this analysis underpin the design of a specific Sustainability Strategy, directed at permitting DOMINION to set and achieve specific and ambitious objectives that affect all its activities, all its employees and all its stakeholders.

Dominion's Sustainability Strategy is based on three action pillars: Being, Doing and Communicating. On the one hand, we strive to be an increasingly sustainable company, measuring and mitigating our impact. We do sustainability because we integrate it into our offer of services and solutions, making it an increasing part of the added value that we bring to our clients. Finally, we communicate to respond to the information needs of our stakeholders.