DOMINION is part of the Innobasque Innovation Map

29 / 12 / 2022

The Innovation Map is a unique platform that allows companies to find the solutions, agent contacts and practical innovation cases they need to respond to their challenges and needs.

Our I+D unit has joined the Innobasque Innovation Map (the Basque Innovation Agency), a unique platform that offers solutions to help companies innovate and includes a search engine with more than 125 practical cases , 650 solutions offered by 250 agents of the Innovation Ecosystem and a direct contact to access them.

The Map is the result of Innobasque's collaboration with 250 agents including companies, knowledge agents, public agents, local development agencies, financial organizations and social agents. In addition, the Map includes an express profile to refine the search and in just 10 minutes it leads to the most appropriate solutions for each case.

At DOMINION we rely on knowledge, advances in technology, our skills in industrial research, development capacity and collaboration with research centers and universities to help our clients optimize their production processes.

We develop innovative solutions giving adequate responses to the digital revolution with the aim of improving process efficiency.