Mikel Barandiaran for El Correo: "Navigate through uncertainty"

09 / 01 / 2023

Article by the CEO of DOMINION about the perspectives for this 2023.

The optimism with which we started 2022 did not last very long. Only two months had passed when the war in Ukraine began, a drama. Once again, we faced a complex situation that increased the ongoing uncertainty and the need to adapt quickly to a new scenario.

It seems that we are unable to anticipate the changes and wait for external events to make important decisions. We had been talking about digitalization for many years, but it was not until the pandemic arrived that there was an acceleration of the real digital transformation of companies and institutions. In the same way, it has been the current geopolitical inestability that has openened a debate on globalization, with countries relocating productive activities to mitigate their risks.

What are we waiting for to achieve our sustainability goals? Although there is a consensus on addressing the energy transition and reducing environmental impact, it has not been setted when and how we should do it. Neither is how to integrate in our agendas the rest of the social and good governance aspects without which we can hardly speak of a truly sustainable world.

In 2023 we will have to transform our businesses to be more sustainable and, therefore, more efficient -let's not forget that sustainability is nothing more than long-term efficiency-. So let's respond to the challenges that we will face this year: more and more technology, a new state of globalization and sustainability in the broad sense of the word.

Let's hope that from all this we learn to take the necessary actions today without waiting for external circumstances to push us. In short, to get ahead to navigate through uncertainty.

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