DOMINION joins the STEAM Alliance for female talent

19 / 05 / 2021

This month of May is the European Diversity Month and at DOMINION we are committed to equal opportunities.

For us, it is a shared commitment that we have integrated into our people selection and management practices and that we have also reflected in our Code of Conduct.

We understand diversity broadly as an engine to drive innovation and team growth. Regarding gender diversity, we have recently joined the 'STEAM Alliance for Female Talent. Girls standing for Science', an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Education aimed at promoting STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in connection with the Arts and Humanities) for young girls.

The objective of the Alliance is none other than to join forces, eliminate stereotypes associated with certain professions and promote female empowerment to eliminate the gender gap in STEAM disciplines.

Currently, only 35% of students enrolled in careers related to these disciplines in higher education worldwide are women, according to UNESCO. And only 3% of higher education students opt for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), according to the same source. In the same way, only 17% of jobs in the technology sector are occupied by women in the European Union, according to the European Commission.

Almost fifty companies, organizations and institutions have already joined this alliance that was presented on February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

This is a new alliance for us after joining the European Diversity Charter last 2019, a code of conduct in which organizations commit to respect social differences and implement specific policies in favor of a work environment free of prejudices.